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Yogurt Parfait Cups ⁣+ Berry Chia Jam . Follow . . • • • • • • Worcester, M…

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Yogurt Parfait Cups ⁣+ Berry Chia Jam
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Worcester, Massachusetts

Yogurt Parfait Cups ⁣+ Berry Chia Jam

Vanilla almond yogurt with homemade berry chia jam and granola. Topped with chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds. ⁣

What’s your favorite non-dairy yogurt? 🍨 Before I became lactose intolerant, Greek yogurt with honey and strawberries was a go-to of mine. In 2012, when I became lactose intolerant, the vegan yogurt options were non-existent. Today, there are so many options to choose from from cashew milk yogurt to almond milk to coconut milk and more. I think my favorite is the @kitehillfoods Greek-style almond milk yogurt. For these parfait cups, I used their Greek-style vanilla. The Chia jam is homemade, get the details below: ⁣

• 1.5 cups berries (I used frozen)⁣
• 2 tbsps maple syrup⁣
• 2 tbsps chia seeds ⁣

1. Heat berries over low heat until softened. Then mash with a fork. ⁣
2. Add maple syrup and chia seeds. Shut off the heat. Mix well. ⁣
3. Pour into a bowl to cool and gel. Allow at least 10-15minutes to gel.⁣

To assemble the parfaits, fill 2/3 of the way with yogurt, a layer of chia jam, your favorite granola and some toppings (we added fresh fruit, chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds). ⁣

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