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Allen, Texas Dragonfruit Fried Rice 火龙果炒饭 (huǒ lóng guǒ chǎo fàn) or Buah Naga …

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Allen, Texas

Dragonfruit Fried Rice😋 火龙果炒饭 (huǒ lóng guǒ chǎo fàn) or Buah Naga Nasi Goreng – vibrant and delicious😋, this fried rice pleases the eyes and will make your belly happy. Share and 🔖recipe. I was first introduced to dragonfruit fried rice more than 10 years ago when my mom brought me to this new place in KL. This was my look🤔 when the chef recommended it and to my surprise, it was a WOW🤩after I took the first bite. The fresh dragonfruit’s slight sweetness elevates this savory dish and gave it an all-around umami flavor – yum! Since fresh ones are not readily available here, I made it with frozen dragonfruit cubes, & tasted just as great. You just need to thaw it and drained out the liquid. Check out my blog for tips on making fried rice, a new YouTube video, and I hope you give this yummy fried rice a try. ⁣
Have a beautiful day, friends. Best, WoonHeng⁣❤️

Recipe (serves 2)⁣
– ¼ cup dragonfruit (flesh only, used frozen, thawed, & drained out the liquid)⁣
– ½ cup chopped green beans or veggies of choice⁣
– ½ cup pan-fried tofu and seasoned with salt⁣
– ¼ cup of frozen corn⁣
– ¼ cup toasted cashews⁣
– 2-3 cups of cooked rice⁣
– salt to taste⁣
– fried shallots for garnish optional⁣
– oil for cooking⁣

In a heated wok with oil, sauté green beans, pan-fried tofu, and frozen corn for a minute or so over medium-high heat. Then season with salt and turn off the heat. Transfer the mixture to a bowl.⁣
Using the same wok, add a little more oil if needed, and ‘fry’ the cooked rice until you see the grain starts to dance in the wok. Use the back of the spatula and press the rice to loosen the grain (use light pressure and not mash it)⁣
Then, add in the dragonfruit flesh and toss everything together until the rice is well coated with the color. Place the cooked veggies and tofu in and give it another toss until well-combined. Season to taste and finally, add in the toasted cashews. Serve warm with homemade sambal (check my blog for the recipe and video), pickles, tomato slices, and salad.⁣
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